It’s all about ME

ˈN(y)o͞ofound blogger from Houston, Texas. Writing #relatable content. I spend a ridiculous amount of time working on Pinterest boards and Spotify playlists. Taurus. UH. 20 yrs yung. I talk about skincare way too much. Lover of green tea, trash movies, spin classes, brunch, and grocery stores. Marketing + Entrepreneurship student. Read my shit. Thanks.

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One thought on “It’s all about ME

  1. Honestly this is so dope please help me write my book if I am ever unchained from these slave shackles people call law school. I read your whole date thing and a si was reading I was like this bitch has never been on a date and then you WROTE IT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POST. I was elated. I laughed. Actually. Anyways, love ya.


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