Current Favorites

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  1. I intern at Sunday Riley which means that I get to try all of their products. However, this ain’t no #ad. I wish I was getting paid extra for this but sadly I’m just a fan like the rest of you on the internet. Before Ceramic Slip I was using the Glossier cleanser which was great for melting my makeup off but it didn’t necessarily make my skin glow. I’ve made the switch to Ceramic Slip and I adore it! Ceramic Slip is a balancing, deep-clean cleanser, powered with pore-perfecting French green clay and Morrocan rhassoul clay. My face literally glows after using it, and the cleanser is cheaper than a lot of their other products + it’ll last you forever. Oprah herself claims that it’s her favorite cleanser and I will literally do anything Oprah tells me.
  2. Surprise Suprise another Sunday Riley product. I wish I was one of those girls who never broke out and had flawless skin but the truth is ya girl acne prone af. I used to go to the dermatologist and get clinical skin care for my acne but truthfully it didn’t do shit. UFO has lit made such a big difference in my life and I die for it. Everyone raves about Luna Oil, which is great, but if I had to buy one I would def splurge on UFO. It contains 1.5% salcylic acid which clears acne and blackhead-causing buildup and debris from congested pores for smoother, blemish-free skin. I also love using it as a primer for my foundation because it gives you a “dewy natural gal just who just hopped outta bed looking pretty” look.
  3. Okay, anything with the word “cult-favorite” in the description bio suckers me in. Good Genes is formulated with high potency, purified grade lactic acid that immediately exfoliates dull, pore-clogging dead skin cells, revealing smoother, fresher, younger-looking skin. Y’all I’m not even old but this hoe gives me newborn baby skin in MINUTES. I actually notice such a big difference! It’s next-level expensive but I would rather invest in high-quality skincare than makeup that doesn’t do shit for me. A pro-tip: combine two pumps of Good Genes and one pump of Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser for a “flash facial.” You leave it on for 10 minutes, and bam! You’re glowing!
  4. I was originally hesitant to order this because I am a die-hard Carmex fan, but the Cherry balm dot com has me looking put together without any real effort. I also own the Rose colored one which gives a pretty pink tint to your lips. I love balm dot com because I’m lazy as shit and never put on real lipstick. For 10$ off click here. 
  5. Who else here listens to the Skinny Confidential podcast? Lauryn Evarts is everything I want to be in life. She’s such a boss bitch who literally does not give a single fuck about what other people are doing. I take her advice to heart, and I physically have to stop myself from ordering everything she tells me to so I don’t go broke. Anyways, after listening to her rave about ice rolling every podcast I finally gave into the hype and ordered myself one off Amazon. Even if it didn’t de-puff my face I would continue to use it just because I feel like I’m at a 5-star spa every morning. It also helps with lymphatic drainage which you can learn more about here.
  6. I stole this Fenty Lipgloss from my sister and use it every day. My lipgloss is literally poppin!! My lipgloss is cool!! No boys want to kiss me after school but it’s fine!!! I’m fine!!

That’s all for now peeps! I use these 6 products every single morning, and I’ve noticed a major difference in my look. I’m a product of capitalism so there are a crap ton of other things on my to-buy list that I will eventually get + write about so you’re in luck!

Oh, Has anyone tried the Laneige Overnight Lip Mask? That’s what I’m itching to order next!!

2 thoughts on “Current Favorites

  1. I’m currently using the laneige overnight lip mask and I love it. It gives lips the prettiest shine and makes my lips pump. Plus it moisturizers nicely (I have the most dry lips ever!) But after trying a million different lip balms, my absolute favorite is the FRESH caramel lip balm. You should try it! It smells like HEAVEN!!!!!
    I used the Sunday Riley UFO oil but it broke me out more😳 And I have been using the ceramic clay cleanser since last year. I like it but don’t love it. The amazing reviews made me buy it but I wouldn’t buy it again.


    1. I’ll check both lip products out!

      It’s normal to experience a short purge right after using UFO for the first time but it’s the acne that was already formed being brought to the surface! It goes away, and then ur flawless. I think you should give it another shot! I personally swear by it.


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