Cheers to a New Year! I for one am still in utter shock at how fast 2017 went by. This was hands down the best year of my life, and I’m hoping 2018 can somehow top it. This blog started out as a New Years resolution 2 years ago, and I’m proud to have stuck with it (a first for me). Big thanks to everyone who reads what I have to say. You are appreciated.

A New Year gives us all the illusion of a fresh start. This will be a monumental year for me as I graduate college in May – entering the real world immediately after. I’m terrified to leave behind my beautiful life for the unknown. However, I’m tired of being so afraid of the future. I need to embrace change rather than pretending everything will remain stagnant forever. Without change, I wouldn’t be where I am today! So my word for the year is: BOLD. A year of saying yes to things that scare me! A year of not shying away! A year of confidence! A year of unstoppable energy! Pushing away the negative thoughts and tapping into my full potential.

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