when I look at you

“When I look at you the thought of the future finally excites me. I think about what my life could be. What if I wasn’t me and you weren’t you? What if we lived in a world where two people could be together because combined their personalities were unstoppable. Two people who enjoyed each others company so much that they wanted to be together every minute of every day. When I look at you I think of a three story townhome with our curly haired children running around. I think of music blasting through the speakers every morning. I think of pancakes, the sweet smell of syrup, and family breakfasts. I think of movie nights and encouraging words after a long day at work. I think of game nights, the holidays, and family photos. I think of a world that is far away from here. I think of two people conquering the day on their own and coming back home to each other in the evening.  Why can’t we be together; for you make me happy, you make me feel safe, you are my whole heart.”

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