RIP Summer

“What did you do this Summer” season has begun. When people ask me this unfortunate question my mind goes blank and I reply with “haha nothing” even though I did some pretty neat things. For someone who loves talking about herself it’s hard for me to answer questions like this on the spot. So for those who were wondering here’s a quick recap of what went down this Summer.

Lost 10 pounds thanks to hella yoga classes, smoothies, and cycling

Finally got my History 2 class out of the way. S/o to me for waiting until my senior year to take my core classes

Took a day trip to Austin with my besties

Interned part-time at a fashion start up company

Made it into the Houston Food Bloggers Collective

Grew my eyebrows out + got highlights

Went to D.C. for EMGAGE Hill Day to lobby for better policy regarding hate crimes

Read a lot of books I’ve been meaning to read

Saw Chance The Rapper, DNCE, and Khalid live

Went on a family trip to Seattle

Celebrated many birthdays, engagements, and farewells


In the grand scheme of things it was an uneventful summer, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I’m totally in denial that Summer is over, but cheers to my first day of Senior year.

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