back back again

Hello my party people

It’s been a minute

Will I ever be consistent when it comes to posting? Probably not.

Here’s an August life update:

Just got back home from a family trip to Seattle, and I feel out of my element. The trip was such a nice retreat from everyday life. We never spend that much time together (4 straight days) and it was nice to be forced to. It’s important to remember that at the end of the day all you truly have is your family. The weather in Seattle was dreamy, and being able to walk everywhere was a dream come true for me.¬†Once I graduate I hope to move to a big city. I loved growing up in the suburbs, but I think I would enjoy the city lifestyle.

School starts next week, and I’m shook at how fast time flies. At the same time this was such a long summer! I’ve been off for almost 4 months, and it’ll be nice to go back to some resemblance of a routine. You know what I always struggle with when I’m in class? Not being able to check my phone every 4 minutes. I’m seriously addicted.. it’s so gross. I tried to delete my snapchat app and I re-downloaded it 4 hours later. I did make it 3 days without twitter though if anyone cares. I love social media but I really wish I was strong enough to cleanse my life of it. Seriously, I spend hours creeping on random Instagram models with picture-perfect lives. Can someone say unhealthy?

I move into my loft this Friday, and I’m excited to have my own little space again. Decorating a dorm/loft/aptmt is my favorite part about living alone. The possibilities are endless. I want my place this year to scream “THAT’S SO IMAN.” If you’re room shopping for this upcoming semester make sure to stop by Five Below and Dollar Tree. You’d really be surprised at what you can find for so cheap. The $ store is my go-to for everything in life. Ok, well not everything but you know what I mean. The fact that there are people out there that look down on the $ store appalls me.

In other news, I let my period get the best of my emotions recently. Normally I feel in control, but this month I felt possessed. I couldn’t stop barking at everyone around me. Sometimes it’s nice getting your period because you’re like “ok i’m not crazy I finally have something to blame.” I managed to fuck up a lot of good things this week. I’ve always been someone who will ruin things because they seem too good to be true. My neurotic tendencies place me at a disadvantage when it comes to relationships of any sort.

On a more positive note I received my first “random” fan DM the other day and I was overjoyed. I see post statistics so I obviously know that there are people out there reading what I have to say, but I appreciate those who reach out. Thanks for listening to me ramble on about my life. I hope to be posting a lot more this week so000oo0o0 stay tuned.



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