My name is Iman and I’m a shopaholic.

The amount of stuff I buy is ridiculous. If an item is on sale, or there’s a great deal I am compelled to buy it, no questions asked. Back in the day I would haul everything I bought on snapchat so I decided to transfer that over to this blog.

FP Widewrap: One of my favorite fashion bloggers was sporting this on her ig so naturally I went out and bought it. Great piece for summer (aka when your hair is gross but you still wanna look cute).

Bandana: Saw this at Madewell the other day and needed to buy it. They have so many cute designs, but I bought a red one so I can wear it on 4th of July. I don’t even have plans yet, lmao.

BTS Mascara: Normally I’m a drugstore mascara gal but Ulta had a 20% off coupon for insiders so I decided to splurge. Everyone talks about how this mascara is life changing so I’m hoping to see a difference in my lashes.

Madewell Rings: Fun fact, I only buy things if they’re on sale. I went to the Highland Village location and there was an extra 50% off sale jewelry! I got the 2 colorful ones for $5 each. I had my eye on these for a while ever since I saw them at Nordstrom so I was ecstatic about this deal. Madewell also gives you an extra 15% off when you show them your student ID.

Tory Studs: Ever since Kendra Scott was canceled I’ve stuck to wearing studs only (occasionally the hoops will come out). I’m someone who would rather own 4 nice things that I wear everyday rather than having too much variety because decision making stresses me out. I didn’t have any nice silver studs so I picked these up on because they gave me a $30 rewards card. Like I said, I only buy things on sale.

Urban Outfitters Slides: I’m getting more into flats lately, and these were a nice add-on to my collection.

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