Ramadan Mubarak

And just like that another Ramadan is near completion. Eid is this Sunday, and I’m in absolute shock at how fast time flies by. I’ve been meaning to write a detailed post on my own spirituality, but can’t find the words. One day.

Every Ramadan I strive to become the best version of myself. I’ve been praying a lot and one of the things I’ve been praying for is a life filled with purpose. I enjoy my current life but I still have no idea what it’s all for or what I’m working towards. There has to be more to my life than brunch and yoga.

When I was younger I didn’t understand the purpose of Ramadan. I recognized that not eating all day would help us relate to what people in some parts of the world felt daily, but felt as though that could be accomplished in a day or two. Why did we need a whole month to feel sympathy. As a kid I would fast and get excited purely because I would get $$ and my parents would be proud of me. I was never one to go the extra “religious mile” for myself. Until last year I didn’t even believe in any of things I was taught for years growing up. In my eyes Ramadan was a burden. In high school all I wanted was to fit in. The last thing I desired was to participate in a month of practice that excluded me from my non-muslim friends. A lot of people don’t talk about their struggles connecting with religion, and I think that’s where we need to make progress. It’s hard to re-connect with a religion, even more so if you feel as though everyone else will judge you for not being as spiritual as them.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve constantly teetered on the dark side. I now understand that Ramadan forces you to take a step back and analyze what the hell you’re doing. When you’re caught up in your everyday life the last thing you’re going to do is reflect on your poor decisions and make positive changes. I’m someone who firsthand knows what it’s like to get trapped in a life where nothing feels wrong anymore. This month gives me a chance to learn what one’s life is supposed/could to look like if they follow the religious teachings set aside for us.

Ever since the world started hating on Islam I’ve gotten closer to the religion. It’s a beautiful + peaceful faith that’s public image has sadly been destroyed by the media. I went to South Africa last summer and that’s when I really started to view everything differently. I was shown what it’s like to be an “ideal muslim”. There were these Turkish families that donated their homes, time, and food to us. They got nothing out of it. They just wanted to make us feel welcome in their country. When’s the last time I took someone random into my home and fed them? Um, never. I felt as though these were angelic people and that’s what I strive to be. A good person. Our religion is simple we just make it complicated by overthinking every little thing. Every time I go to a lecture some girl asks about nail polish. Yes, the details matter but the nitty-gritty takes away from the simpleness of it all. We aren’t supposed to backbite and gossip because it makes us bad people. Drinking harms our body. Sex before marriage clouds your judgement when having to choose a life partner. There’s solid reasoning behind every decree, yet most of us (myself included) have a hard time following.

And Ramadan is fun! I’m sorry for you if you live in a city where there aren’t many muslims or you’re someone who thinks they’re too cool for brown friends. This is a chance to hangout with friends you don’t see often, wear ya kurtis, and eat ihop at ungodly hours. The Masjid is so peaceful, yet I rarely go during the year. It’s nice going every night, and feeling as though you’re on the right path.

I’m someone who sins daily, as we all do. I’m working on being better. I may be a “ramadan muslim” as they say but once again who cares what people have to say. It’s all about your personal connection with god. May all our sins be forgiven this Ramadan, and may we all enter paradise, Ameen.

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