I’m a hater

It’s fashion blogger season. For some reason every random girl in the city seems to be rising from the unknown in hopes of becoming a fashion blogger. I’m working on being a less judgy person but when everyone is hashtagging #fashionblogger on their mediocre pictures I can’t help myself. Sometimes I fall out of my chair because I’m so shook at these outfits.. You can’t just throw on a Zara top and call yourself a fashion blogger. Be unique. Throw some of your own style in the picture (if you even have any). Wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes wear you!!! Fashion blogging is hard and props to anyone who has the courage to take awkward solo pictures in front of colorful walls. By adding these pictures, you’re essentially announcing to the world that you are the fashion god and that we should all look to you for style advice.

Having a blog nowadays is the equivalent of making a twitter account. We all have one. I just find some of these new fashion accounts disrespectful to actual fashion bloggers. They dedicate their lives to their craft.

I’m sorry I’m a hater.

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