Time has flown by, and it’s finally summer vacation. Summer has always been on the anti-climactic side for me. It’s not like I go abroad for months at a time or anything. If that were the case I would be anxiously awaiting every second till this break. Unpopular opinion but I actually don’t like Summer. After 3 days of doing nothing I’m ready to hit my head against the wall. I love living on my own at the University. I have more fun during the school year than I do on any break due to the fact that all my friends live .5 seconds from me. I enjoy my classes, and I like the hustle and bustle of the school year. Obviously, there are time where the stress has me wanting to jump off a cliff, but in retrospect I enjoyed those anxiety-filled nights studying with friends.

Now that it is summer I hope to be writing new content often. Posts like these are easy for me to write. Just catching the loyal followers up on my day-to-day feelings. Although, I want my content to be more than nonsensical rants. I want to write posts that matter. There have been a few blog posts I’ve read by others that completely changed the way I felt that day. I want my blog to possibly provide a sense of comfort to some, or at least that’s my goal. There are so many things I want to accomplish this summer, and I hope to be organized enough to make it all happen. When in the comfort of my childhood home it’s easy for me to lose all ambition and drive. It’s hard to be motivated when you can just watch television, and eat home cooked meals. Currently unpacking everything from my car in hopes to get my life together.. clean room = a clean life. Today was the first day of my summer internship (a start-up called Houston Fashion Tours), and i’m excited to grow through it. I had to decide between 4 possible internship routes, and my gut tells me I made the right decision.

Goals for the summer: start another side company, excel at my internship, be an asset to the IP team, grow this blog, start taking outfit photos, grow my foodsta, volunteer, read more books, experience some spiritual growth this Ramadan, and overall grow towards my best self.

In other news, I went to the Wolff Center class of 2017 graduation last night, and was emotional the entire time. I’m an emotional pos who cries at literally anything. I was also incredibly inspired. All of these seniors changed so much due to the program. I want my last year of college to mean something. I want to make memories that last a lifetime, as well as relationships. I want to be the person that people hit up when they’re in need. I say this often, but I truly do need to work on being more selfless. My heart is definitely not as big as it should be. I need to do more, be more, give back. It’s what you do for others that truly matters at the end of the day. I definitely grew into myself this year. I’m more confident, and I have a stronger sense of self. It’s hard for others to attack you when you know who you are inside and out. It’s easier to make decisions that align with your values when you know what those values are.


Malibu by Miley Cyrus just came out! Listen! New favorite song.

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