get it together

Currently struggling with the fact that summer is about to start. Ya girl has 0 life plans at the moment. I’ve applied to hundreds of internships, yet I haven’t gotten replies from the one’s I was gunning for. There’s one that I applied for on a whim that decided to hire me, and I’m not sure whether or not I want to take it. It’s probably a millennial thing, but for me money isn’t worth wasting my life away behind a cubicle. I wish I was studying abroad or something amazing this summer that would prevent me from having to work. I want to enjoy this last summer. Knowing that after this year I’ll never have summer vacation again actually scares the living crap out of me. Summer is what I’ve looked forward to since the beginning of time. Late nights, pool parties, waking up at 4 pm. That’s been the move since I was little, and I’m having a hard time adjusting. My 20th birthday is also in 2 days, which has me feeling on edge. Growing up is honestly scary af. The world out there is this giant unknown, and every day you’re closer to death and wrinkles. Sounds dark but it’s the truth. Recently, I read this stupid tweet that somehow made me feel a little better about life.


I personally take everything way too seriously, and this tweet made life seem a lot more lighthearted. Back to talking about the summer. I’ve recently discovered that I don’t want to work for anyone. As an entrepreneurship major this may be coming as a major shock to y’all. Today I applied for internships at different magazines in Houston, and I realized that I just want to work on my own blog. Why write for other people when I can give my all to this website? I add content sporadically, but I really want to stick to a schedule this summer. Ideally I would post 2 times a week minimum. If I pre-wrote content, and scheduled it life would be much easier. However, it’s hard for me to get in the creative zone to write quality content. My head needs to be in the right place, and I generally need a minimum of two lit candles in the room. There are so many post ideas swirling around in my head: date ideas pt.2, coffee shops in Houston, clothing sites you should shop at but don’t, why boys are generally trash, etc. I also want to take the time to further my Etsy shop. It’s going really well, mA but tbh I’m not giving it my all. I need to take time out of my life this summer to add new product photos, and update the hell out of the @feelingclingy instagram, For someone who majored in social media, that insta is wack. I want to find a way to make money off of @hungriman. Also! I want to add some of my own outfit photos on this blog. I literally cannot pose alone to save my life. A) because I lack confidence and B) because A. But honestly, I need to get over my fears and just do it. I want to further this blog, and sometimes you just gotta do what you don’t wanna do. I wear some fre$h shit sometimes, so might as well document it.

I love this blog. I love everyone that reads it. I love everyone that tells me they read it! It’s really helped me work towards my best self. I don’t want to be just “another desi girl who started a blog” and gave up after a few months. I want my writing to matter to someone, y’know?

ALSO! FOLLOW THIS BLOG IF YOU ARE REAL. I think you get email notifs when I post, which would be lit, bc I feel like a force posting all of my posts on twitter.

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