Spotify Playlists

I’m the master of wasting time. Yesterday I spent 3+ hours working on my Spotify playlists. One might ask why someone with 20 followers would waste an obscene amount of time on playlists no one will listen to.. I ask myself this question regularly. So far I have no real answer. I rarely listen to my own playlists. I want to say I make them just in case I ever need the perfect playlist. These playlists are my life’s work. The document moments in my life. For instance, I have one that reminds me of being 8 years old eating chicken tenders by the lifetime fitness poolside. I have one that reminds me of this one sleepover I had in the sixth grade. One reminds me of my first heartbreak. One is titled b00ty. They’re all over the place. It stimulates my creativity, and I overall enjoy it. Because of that reason I don’t really consider it a waste of time. It’s similar to an arts and crafts project. Music is my life or whatever, lmao.

So if you care (you should) here’s my profile:


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