Hello blogging world. I’ve been pretty out of it lately. I was so refreshed at the beginning of the week, thanks to spring break. However, by Wednesday I was completely drained. School hit me like a bus. I’m one of those people that need to be surrounded by others constantly or I get into a depressive funk. Thankfully, I have good people in my life who force me to leave my loft. The key to happiness imo is to be surrounded by people you love, and to only listen to upbeat music. Being the self destructive person I am, I stay listening to my Spotify playlist “cry” WHEN I’M NOT EVEN SAD.

I haven’t been writing much lately, mainly because I’m too lazy to take the time to edit my drafts. There’s so much half-assed content I have pre-written. There are certain days where the writing spirit will take over and I’ll type away for hours. Those are the same days I drink green juice, and read an autobiography for fun. It’s rare, but those are the days I feel at my peak. Other days, I stare at my computer screen contemplating my existence for 4+ hours. I started this blog in hopes of living the blogger lifestyle. Ultimately, all of us want to sell fit teas on IG for money instead of slaving away in a cubicle amiright? We all have this notion that we can just look cute, travel the world, promote mascara, and make money. How far fetched. With an influx of bloggers out there it’s hard to stand out. Which is why I now keep this blog up for myself. I’m pleased knowing that I was able to create this. To have a self titled site where I can ramble away in hopes of people being able to #relate. S/O to the 3 people who read this hoe.

March was a great month. When editing my vlogs I’m always like “wow, ur life is fun” but I need to work on being more present. I spend so much time worrying about little insecurities. Just need to have fun, not care about what anyone has to say, and overall just worry less. “Happy girls are the prettiest!! Hehe!!” Life keeps flying by. I swear 2017 just started, YET HERE WE ARE. It’s about to be April! Then May (my birthday month)! I’m scared af to turn 20, but I’m going to rant about that in another post.

Disclaimer: Even after putting myself out there through a variety of social medias (vlogs, blogs, twitter, insta) I still feel like there are so many layers to my life that aren’t shown. I don’t write about everything going on. My vlogs only feature the good. When on the internet it’s best to take everything with a grain of salt. Anyways, hope you enjoy. Subscribe to this blog if you’re real. Subscribe to my Youtube if you’re even realer.

Originally the background song was American Teen by Khalid aka the best song ever but copyright got me effed up.

….When writing this post the line “beware the ides of march” kept replaying in my head. I don’t even know what that means. S/o to the American education system.

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