Bachelor Szn

Signing up to be on the Bachelor used to be a crazy idea to me. Why would anyone CHOOSE to be humiliated on television. Truth be told, after watching this season… it seems like a ton of fun.. You and a bunch of girlies trapped in a mansion together. I stalk the contestants on Instagram, and some of the girls are so close. A weird way to make friends but if you’re a small-town pretty girl, why not?

At first I couldn’t relate to the show but then I put some things into perspective. What if I was fighting for Zayn Malik along with 25 other brown girls? I’d srsly cut a girl for his attention.

Anyways.. I started the Bachelor with my best friend this season as a joke. We wanted to see what the hype was about, but never planned on getting so invested… It’s funny because I GOT SO FREAKING INVESTED. Every Monday, I gathered up friends to watch the latest episode with me. I read forums. I watched interviews. I went to watch parties. I read up on Bachelor conspiracies. I was 100% in.

So when watching the final episode I was a little bummed to see Vanessa win. I knew she would win, as she fit the mold of previous winners. Nick talked about liking “strong personalities” but really he just wanted to score a hot girl. Plus, country girls never seem to win. I was surprised to see Raven even make it that far. I assumed she would get cut around episode 5. There were so many great girls this season I’m shook that these were the final 2 (Danielle L. anyone? WHITNEY?) Vanessa was stunning, but she straight up complained + cried every 4 minutes. Do you not get the premise of the show you’re on? This is how it works. Get it together, damn. Surprisingly, I teared up during the proposal. It really was a work of art. They both seemed genuinely in love. BUT THEN!!! THAT AFTER SHOW!!! THEY LOOKED SO MISERABLE. WHY WAS SHE COMPLAINING ABOUT HER FIANCE. WHY DIDN’T SHE MOVE TO THE U.S. WHY AREN’T THEY SMILING? I WATCHED A WHOLE SEASON FOR THIS?!

Then again, I was never a Nick fan. The entire time he repulsed me. He doesn’t even have a real job! Without the beard he is nothing! He is not a catch! All the girls were too good for him! #sorrynotsorry

Truthfully, I’m really sad to see the show come to an end. It was something to look forward to on Monday nights.


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