rodeo vlog

Hello friends.

I went to the rodeo on Sunday with some friends and I had a BLAST. I love being with people that can make anything fun. I hope my future partner in life makes going to the grocery store as exciting as going to Vegas. I vlogged my trip so if you’re interested in watching.. go for it.. whoever gave me a thumbs down.. I hope you trip in public tomorrow…

The chainsmokers were amazing. Honestly, best rodeo concert I’ve ever been to. Even better than the Jonas Brothers rodeo concert circa 2011. I’ve always wanted to see Chainsmokers perform live so it was a LIT AF experience. I used to make fun of EDM but now I am the human embodiment of EDM. Eat, sleep, rave, repeat amiright?

I can’t stand my voice + double chin when vlogging but I’m learning to deal w my insecurities #vidsformems

We ate hella good at the rodeo. All of the food there is so fattening, and I need to detox my body! I went to Soul Cycle today and there were a ton of moms there that were as tiny as my pinky finger. I was so shook/inspired that I might even hit up yoga at 8:30 am tomorrow.

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