Girls > Boys amiright? I’m very #blessed to have a ton of wonderful girlies in my life! All my friends are so talented, kind, smart, pretty, etc. I’m glad to see the new wave of girl-power that’s really manifested these past few years. Honestly, the “wave” has probably always been there and I was too young (dumb) to notice. I’ve personally always gravitated towards girls, as I am a “girls girl.” I have never been able to fit in with the bros, as their interests bore me. I just want to grab brunch with the girls, hit the gym, and talk about life while masking. To be completely fair, I have a solid 2 guy friends so I know nothing about the “other side.”

There are a group of frat boys behind me YELLING inside this coffee shop so my list of grievances against the male species continues to grow. THEY JUST DON’T GET HOW MUCH HARDER WE HAVE TO WORK. The brown community is full of meninists, and every day I roll my eyes to the back of my head at their ignorant comments.

BOYS DON’T KNOW THE PAIN OF WAXING. THE PAIN OF GETTING YOUR FACE THREADED. THE PAIN OF CHILD BIRTH (me neither). Boys can be overweight, dumb, but will hold the door open while making a joke and a girl will fall for them. I can crack a trillion jokes (and I do), yet no one is out there dying over me.

… Anyways, I can go on forever about how irritated I am when it comes to boys (esp the ones I follow on twitter) but instead here are some pictures of me and my lovely friends.

Also! Kiva is my favorite non-profit and they’re trying to crowd-fund 3 mill in loans to Women! I donated last year to #investinher but this year I have $4 in my bank account so..

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