I freaking love graphic tees. It’s true.. I feel like a total poser when I’m out in my Bob Dylan shirt knowing 0 things about him or his music. However, I love knowing that they can be styled in such unique ways. I think it’s best to pretend you don’t know what your shirt is saying (it’s probably cringe-worthy) and just rock the look. Down below are some graphic tee #looks done right.

….. So this is what I want to look like.  But where do I buy this shit? Lucky for y’all, I did some browsing (any excuse to online shop is a good one)

Zara: I am a Zara stan. 97% of my closet is from this one store. They have some lame ass shit on their shirts though. No, I don’t want a shirt saying “PRInCESS R0ckSTAAR”. This season however, they released some shirts that aren’t as cringeworthy.

Brandy Melville: I like the simplicity of their graphic tees. I don’t like how expensive they are but that’s because I’m a cheapo. They have the most comfortable + long lasting fabric. This is my (ideal) go-to for graphics.

Urban Outfitters: Definitely overpriced, but what’s new when it comes to UO?

Hollister: lol

Abercrombie: lol.. again..

Target: Their Men’s graphic tees are #1 in my heart. Sometimes they have 2 for $20 deals. Make sure to stay posted.

Forever 21: I scrolled through hundreds of shirts that made me roll my eyes to find these shirts. Lol, one shirt said “mermaid on duty”.. one said “I like boys who are in bands”.. and my personal favorite “trouble maker”…WHO MAKES THIS SHIT UP LOL.

Also.. make sure to check out Five Below (g.o.a.t) and Thrift Stores for cheaper finds!

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press the picture for the link to the shirt in bio. kk thanks. 

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