the little things

On the reg, I’m not necessarily the “happiest” person in the room. I let everything get to me, and I’m often in a funk of some sort. But after spending a majority of this semester by myself I’ve truly grown to realize that you need to be your own best friend! If you don’t love yourself, no one else will (can someone say cliché). Naturally, I made a list of all the little things in life that improve my mood by 300%.

going into the steam room / sauna
cleaning my room then lighting a scented candle
fresh sheets
a comfy + clean white comforter that isn’t stained from all the snacks I eat in bed
the nap at the end of  yoga class when they start reciting inspirational mumbo jumbo
jumping into a pool
an iced green tea latte
staying at a party once everyone is gone so you can discuss it and binge eat the leftover food
when a friend sends you something and goes “this reminded me of you”
going on a long walk somewhere pretty when the weather is nice.. aka once a month bc #Houston
running into an old friend
finding the perfect playlist to match your #mood
laying in bed and listening to the rain
watching movie trailers for hours
sitting at barnes and noble reading a good book
the smell of coffee when studying
when you walk through Bauer and 4+ people say hi to you
when they start crunking in zumba class (is crunking even a word?)
getting a package in the mail
driving past the Houston skyline
a hot cup of tea
the feeling of a sheet mask
when you watch dry shampoo bring your hair back to life
singing out loud in the car
the Yogi tea inspirational quotes
checking blackboard and not crying afterwards
when you hit the register and an item is cheaper than marked
when the professor provides you a scantron
free food
when people laugh at your jokes


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