cute things at forever 21 rn

Okay.. I rarely shop at Forever 21. I think it’s a disorganized hell hole. More often than not, their clothing looks cheap AND shrinks after one wash. I also can’t justify their prices? Why would I buy your $40 top when I can just go to Zara? Why am I talking so much smack and still writing this post? Because, they do have cute things if you really really look. Luckily for y’all I did the browsing. Plus, my friends, and I always show up wearing the same clothes so I need to branch out when it comes to stores I shop at.


I’ve always wanted one of these oversized denim jackets ($39.90)


Way too pricey for Forever, but v. cute if you have money to blow.. no way in hell I’d style my expensive ass sweats like this tho.. ($48)


If done right this tulle skirt could be quite the hit ($19.90)


This satin halter top is #model #kendalljenner as hell ($35)


Big fan of velvet! Even bigger fan of bodysuits. This is cute 4 a night on the town. As usual, I would never style it like this. ($35)


Embroidery is NEAT ($17.90)


Cute dress for only six dollars!!! ($6) Big fan of the yellow sunnies as well. Need 2 cop.


I LOVE SATIN. I would never wear this but, YOU CAN!! ($48)


Cute dress to wear with sneakers. The green one is cute too. I wish I had better things to say than “cute!!!” every 4 seconds ($14.90)


I love this fabric!!!!! ($38)


I kind of like this sweater ($22.90)


Suede is fun. Suede Culottes are even more fun ($7)

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