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I’ll watch my favorite youtube blogger rave about a product and then 5 minutes later I look around and realize I’m outside Ulta. Sometimes the product is worth it and sometimes I lose faith in humanity altogether. Here are a few (cheap) things I picked up recently that changed my life for the better.

L’oreal Telescopic Mascara

TBH until a few months ago I didn’t even realize the power of mascara. I used to think you only needed *gasp* ONE COAT… However, I have grown and my lashes have as well. Telescopic is the KEY to length (use other mascara’s to build volume). This hoe wild. Buy ASAP.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

I have been on the search for dry shampoo that works for years. I swear by Batiste. Now I never have to shower!!!! (jk) (ish)

Lush Lip Scrub

Ok I know its easy to make this at home… I am next level lazy so I went out and bought this. I love it. Soft lips 4ever.

Rosebud Salve

No excuse for chapped lips. Rack up some Sephora points.

Mask of Maganaminty

This is my go-to mask. Wrote a more detailed post on skincare here.

Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser 

Skin First, Makeup Second 

When I originally tried this cleanser I was like “meh it’s whatever.” Then I ran out and switched back to my old cleanser only to realize the error of my ways. It’s like when you realize the love of your life has been right in front of you all along but you were too blind to see it before. Now I’m on my third bottle.  I feel so clean every morning thanks to it. Use on wet skin as a cleanser / use on dry skin as a makeup remover. It’s also safe to use on the eye area so bye bye mascara!!!

Use my code if you buy dis so you can get 20% off

Hydrating Oil Mist

As a Pakistani girl I was raised with oil in my hair (and in my food). Before the “pinterest whites” realized the importance of coconut oil it used to be something I was ashamed of. Now coconut oil rules the world. I still deep-oil my hair occasionally but it’s hard as a college student to make the time for that. Which is why I bought this spray to use after I shower! It smells wonderful + my hair has gotten longer/healthier.

Societe Toner

This toner makes me feel fre$h. Kind of pricey (for me) so I’m sure there’s a better/cheaper alternative. If you know a good one hmu and lmk.

Cleansing Water

I used to be convinced that cleansing water was a gimmick. I bought a bottle after watching a YouTube video (as usual) and now I’m a believer. Before hopping on the skin care train I would use a makeup wipe and pray for the best. That’s a hell nah now / I use a makeup wipe -> cleanser -> toner -> then cleansing water on a wipe. Make-up isn’t the problem / not taking it off properly is.

Also if you don’t use those $3.50 off Ulta coupons YOU’RE DUMB.

Skin Dew Mist

I got a sample of this in a Sephora Play! Box and I LOVE it. I haven’t purchased a full size bottle yet but will cop soon. It helps with the #glow.

P.S. Play! By Sephora is the best subscription makeup box. $10 a month. I previously tried both BirchBox and Ipsy. Both are trash in comparison. Everything in Sephora box is name brand + useful. 

All Nighter Setting Spray

Your makeup never moves after a few sprays of this.. I’m shocked every time..

Liquid Lipstick – ASHTON

As a light-skin brown girl (lol) (an auntie’s dream) this color looks great on my skin. I prefer Anastasia’s lip stains to competing brands.

Naked Concealer

I switched over to this from Nars concealer and I’m a big fan. Covers up what I need to cover. S/O makeup.


Hope you enjoyed this written haul I compiled. If you didn’t you’re a hater. If you have any products you swear by tweet me, beep me, if you want to reach me.

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