Maham is 21

One of my best-friends Maham is officially 21! As the oldest one in our friend group I felt as though she deserved a blog post (also, I just paid for a premium plan and need to post more often lol)

Here are some of our best memories + things that she has taught me

  • It is possible to be friends with everyone
  • It is also possible to be nice to everyone
  • Maham taught me the word “Shy Bride” which is my favorite word to describe girls who are shy in public but wildin’ on the low
  • If you hold a girl’s hand while talking to her she will think you’re instant best-friends
  • You can wear glasses + a chiffon top for a “business-girl casual look”
  • You can give up your “side” in pictures for the greater good of your friend group
  • If you’re invited to three parties in one day it is possible to go to all three
  • If you don’t know the words to a song just mumble and laugh
  • If you’re persistent enough you can find a way to meet Anderson Cooper

Happy Birthday to the kindest/most welcoming girl (lady) I know! #Ladies forever. May we continue to make fun of each other for years to come.

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