Dream Girl

On an ordinary day I spend at least an hour thinking about my ideal self. Who I would be if I made the effort to eat healthier, moisturize more, read books, yada yada.

Ideal Iman wakes up at 7 am everyday. (5:30 am would be cool but ain’t no one tryna sleep at 8 pm)
Goes for a daily run/soul cycle/yoga/rock climbs/kick boxing
Drinks green juice
Never complains out loud
Has glowing skin
Is a MUA (I pronounce this mwah! even though I know that’s wrong)
Is always well dressed
Doesn’t believe in T-shirts
Has soft hands
Has fresh-painted nails (Contrary to the chipped red nails I always seem to be sporting)
Is a size 2
Is hairless
Reads the news every day (and not just E! News)
Watches all the latest movies in theaters (not megashare lmao)
Has a purse magically filled with all life’s essentials
Always replies to texts on time
Sends sweet b-day texts
Meal preps on Sunday’s
Writes cards for friends with nice calligraphy (my handwriting sucks – this is so far fetched)
Can make great Chai
Always gives the best gifts
Never wears wrinkly clothes – the iron is your friend
Hosts book club monthly
Hosts cheese platter nights (this is coming from someone who feels like she is splurging when buying kraft cheese cubes)
Always has an iPhone charger on her
Prays 5 times a day
Never cracks a bad joke
Always knows the latest music
Always has a water bottle on her
Has hair that isn’t deep fried
Always has a book on her
Always has cash for valet

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