Tiny’s No. 5

Ok Tiny’s pisses me off. Aesthetic wise it’s my favorite brunch spot in Houston. But who do they think they are!! These hoes charged me $15 for eggs that had nothing in them but two potato slices. I’m a terrible cook but I could’ve made myself scrambled eggs. Bc that’s what my “house migas” were. Scrambled eggs.. Maybe if I was rich I would’ve enjoyed them more? Also, are rich people okay with menus that don’t feature prices? Let me know how much everything costs so I can make educated decisions!!

My friends ordered the burger and it looked tasty. It came with sweet potato fries which is always a selling point for me. Next time i’ll order that and complain less.

Xo, Hungriman15823251_1194436993937192_5518056393462509251_nIMG_3675.JPG

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