My friends and I went to the Drake concert a few days ago in Houston. It was such a great experience and I enjoyed every second of it. We were sitting in the sky (nose bleeds af) but it was still really fun bc there were a good amount of us. I’ve seen Drake before at ACL and we were pretty close to the stage back then so I didn’t mind how far up we were this time. Drake reps Houston so hard. WEEZY F BABY CAME OUT AS WELL. My jaw literally dropped when a milli started blasting around me.

I love concerts because they’re something you can look back on forever. When I’m in the car with my future children I can tell them about how I saw Drake in concert as a teen. I love hearing stories about all the concerts my dad went to when he was younger. “Mom who the hell is Drake?! turn his music off!!!”

We’re going to see Kanye West tonight as I’m so excited. I have yet to see him live and I still regret not going to the Yeezus tour. If I see Kim Kardashian I will cry actual tears.

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