All my friends know that my #1 hobby in life is masking. It started as something I would do with my girlies purely because that’s what all the girls did in the 90’s sleepover movies. As a young college girl, I feel like I make tons of bad decisions on the regular. I’ll binge eat, bomb a test, go out when I shouldn’t, etc etc. But at the end of it all, I can put on a face mask and feel like I have my shit together (which I totally DON’T). My favorite thing to do after a rough week is to put a mask on, play a good old-fashioned rom-com, and eat cherries w/ dark chocolate chips. It’s always good to do something for yourself and what’s better than working towards the goal of clear, perfect, glowy skin?

Recommended by Iman 

I know I haven’t gained y’alls trust yet, but I’ll still post my faves bc why not. Maybe one day I’ll have more than 2 subscribers and this will be a hit post. 

Mask of Magnaminty 

Ok this is my favorite product at Lush. I could spend hours in this store sampling everything.. and I do.. but this is my favorite mask there by far.

Love Lettuce

To be fair, I’m not sure how much this mask does for your skin but I love the texture + it’s only $8 for two weeks of product. It’s a fresh mask so make sure to keep it in the fridge!! IT SMELLS LIKE GARBAGE THOUGH.


First off, I rep the shit out of Glossier. Maybe it’s their packaging or maybe it’s how clean I feel after using their skin-care products. I adore this mask because it’s so lightweight and can be used several times a week. Since it’s a clay mask it feels wonderful on your skin. They have a Moisturizing Moon Mask that you’re supposed to use as a follow-up mask but I haven’t gotten around to purchasing it.

Homemade Faves

Homemade masks are better for your skin (why do I talk like I’m a certified dermatologist). I’m wary of putting chemicals on my skin so I stick to natural masks 60% of the time. I’ll use the masks listed above while I’m away at school and don’t have ingredients lying around like I do at my house. So why are natural masks better imo? First, they’re basically free because you just grab everything from your kitchen. Second, they’re all natural! Unless you’re allergic there’s honestly no harm that can be done from spreading all this food on your face (doesn’t sound appealing I know) but #doitfortheglow

Turmeric Mask

Brown people definitely told everyone that Turmeric was a super-spice ages ago but… anyways. This mask will make your skin GLOW. I personally use Gram Flour which helps with hair loss on the face. Turmeric may stain your face for around 2 hours so it’s best to do it at night-time when you have nowhere to go. I know people that spread this mask over their whole body.. but I am not that serious about masking.. yet..

Oatmeal Mask

Disclaimer: I’ve personally never tried putting an egg in my oatmeal mask. I stick to Oatmeal + Honey. The next time I use this mask I’ll put an egg in and hope for the best.

I recommend putting this mask on before events. I promise girls will come up to you and compliment your skin (bc girls are nice and notice these things, unlike the boys whose attention I seek.. whatever). Be wary of this mask because if done too often it’ll dry out your skin.

Green Tea Mask 

This is my go-to mask because I always have yogurt and green tea lying around. It’s a very refreshing mask and is easy to spread on the face/take off. The lemon in it will also brighten + lighten your skin tone.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks make me feel like a celebrity. Mainly because these are what all celebrities (Shay Mitchell) seem to be wearing in their snapchats. They’re pretty pricey for a one-time use so I stick to my homemade masks. However, I’ve tried a couple out and they’re are worth the price if you have the money.

Pearl Sheet Mask

Sephora’s version of sheet masks are cheaper than the competing brands but most of them don’t do anything imo. However, the pearl mask “brightens and creates high luminosity in the skin” so I think this is the only one that’s worth it.

Charcoal Sheet Mask

Dr. Jart’s masks are more pricey than the Sephora brand but are totally worth it. I’ve only tried the charcoal one (a birthday gift from a friend) and I loooooved it! I felt so clean and pretty afterward which is always the goal.


Kk thx for reading my peeps. Hope these skin tips help you guys out. Comment your favorite masks below! I’m always looking for more products to try.

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