months later..

Clearly, New Years Resolutions aren’t my forte. To be fair I forgot the email I made this blog under (not even a good excuse.. I know) Welp, it’s now August so let’s see if I can blog my way through the rest of the year.

A lot in my life has changed since January. It’s amazing how much can happen in just a few short months. I finished my sophomore year of college and only have two weeks of summer left till I go back to UH. College is flying by and I need to truly enjoy every moment of it this upcoming semester. 2016 has been the year of personal growth, loss, and a ridiculous amount of memes.

The motto I have been living with nowadays is: 2016 is the year of the glow up 

So that’s what I’ve been attempting at this summer. To glow up this year in every way. I tried to read more, watch more movies, talk to strangers, be kinder, and take the time to really explore. I also spent a ridiculous amount of time working on myself physically. If I don’t feel pretty I can’t muster up the confidence to walk through life with a good attitude. Insecurity will always show up in your personality. So I attempted to eat healthier, worked-out often, and mushed up different food items in my fridge to turn into face masks.


A lot of negative things have happened this year but let’s focus on the positive here people.. here’s a list of good things that have happened to me recently

  • I started my own small business! Feeling Clingy was something I launched at the beginning of the summer and is my biggest accomplishment to date.
  • I went to South Africa! Without my family!! With my best-friend!! It was the most wonderful week of my life. One day I’ll get around to writing a post going into detail on my trip bc I learned so many great lessons when I was there. Houston womps when compared to the beauty of SA. There’s so much out there and it’s so easy to forget that when you’re so submerged in your own life.
  • I won social chair for my Business Fraternity. I’m actually looking forward to throwing events this upcoming semester. Totally scared I’ll fail miserably but being an event planner has always been my dream. I get to throw parties with someone else’s money!
  • I got a big girl job.. this summer I worked at an oil pipeline company for a little over a month. I learned that the real world SUCKS along with some other life lessons I’ll share in another post.

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