Shake ‘Dat

I hate working out. Okay, scratch that. I love the feeling I get AFTER working out, but the initial process of getting to the gym is what drags me down. However, I love dance classes. Whether it be soul grooves, street vibe, or zumba I enjoy it all.

Side Note: I have no coordination or rhythm.

Scheduled classes really work for me because if a class is at 10 am I know I have to get out of bed by at least 9:30 am. If I am planning on going to the gym just to run on the treadmill there is no way you will catch me hopping out of bed at 9:30 am. 90% of the time I end up not even going to the gym because I keep saying “I’ll go later” until someone texts me to grab lunch and sadly I always pick food > fitness.

My #1 pet peeve with dance classes is the response everyone gives me when I ask them to go with me. “I don’t think those classes do anything for me.”

Opinions on the statement: That is only fair to say if you are doing a hardcore workout in the meantime. Usually, the same people who tell me they think the class is too easy are sleeping while I am at the class. Also, I have noticed that the dance instructors have worked harder to incorporate moves such as jumping jacks, lunges, etc into their routines. Plus, rumor has it that you can burn around 500 calories in a single Zumba class.

This year I am focusing on living a healthier + happier life instead of stressing out about weight loss. Who cares about how many calories are burned in a single dance class? The best way to keep active is to do things you enjoy.

XX, Iman

Signed up for my first free boxing class yesterday! Can you tell I want to be just like Shay Mithcell?

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