Hello, blogging world! Today is the first day of 2016 and as I laid miserably on my couch watching Gilmore Girls I realized I needed to make a life change. I’m planning on making this the year I actualize all the goals I always told myself I would get around to.

A little about my life: 

  • Sophomore at the University of Houston
    • Majoring in marketing + entrepreneurship
  • Huge foodie
    • Attempting to try all of the restaurants in Houston before I die

    Disclaimer: I say this even though I’m totally one of those annoying people you have probably dined with who take all the vegetables out of their food. 

  • Readers are leaders
    • Venturing to read 38 new books this year
    • Not sure why I picked the #38 but..
  • Seeking to live an active lifestyle this year
    • Catch me blogging about my attempts at running + how I eat fruit every time I want ice-cream
  • Explorer
    • I love looking for new exciting things to do in Houston
    • I advise you all to subscribe to http://www.houstononthecheap.com’s mailing list

Welp, those are all the fun facts I can think of for now. I hope this blog takes off and I am not writing posts that only my mother will read.

XX, Iman

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